Purchased PC but want PS


I have seen that there is a new option in the profile to choose the platform (pc, xbox one, ps4).


Why would you want to become console peasant and play 720p 30 FPS?


1080P 30FPS.
Anyway…if you give me the money for a good gaming pc I’ll be happy to play it on pc :wink:


You can build a good gaming PC very cheaply. And it will absolutely destroy consoles in terms of performance and price for games.


Hi, I still don’t have the option in my profile to change from PC to PS. I want to get the PS game. Any suggestions?


Deadline to change was the 26th of November.

You can always contact Warhorse and they might change it.


Thank you!


Sorry, it is not possible to change the Digital Edition (PC) to a console version.


I had selected PS4 many many months ago… that is the only system I can play on. Are you saying you may not give me that version? I backed because I thought I’d be getting PS4 digital like I selected. I don’t have any interest in other platforms or physical copies. Just the digital PS4 version. You guys didn’t negotiate for your backers to get the reward they selected and instead will choose one we can’t even use?

What can I even do with a PC version? I can’t use it to get a Ps4 digital copy like I selected


Hello @Cannon, no, I don´t say that.
You are a Earl, not a Digital Editon (PC). That is a difference, because you have one of the old Kickstarter tiers.


I got an email from you guys saying this though. It says you can’t confirm that I will receive my console copy. So you are saying the original backers will get the console digital copy if they selected it?


Well, then I sincerely hope your game is going to be well optimized.
Trying to play the beta made me regret pledging in the first place. Guess it’s a lesson for the future.


Yes, Beta and final game are totally different in performance. Totally.


What happened. I switched to PS4 version sometimes around 17. november 2017. Now, a few days before release there is a “PC VERSION” selected in my profile. WHAT HAPPENED ?