Putting autorun into options

Hi there, I have issues with carpal tunnel and its really usefull to have autorun in games. I wont be able to finish it or play it properly.Now i can play only like one hour at a time until pain starts to be serious. This would probably help to many other older gamers whos hands arent like they used to be.
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Are you on PC?

For KC:D, I have assigned the “w” key to the “back” button on my Logitech mouse. Perhaps that could help you?

If you are on PC give this mod a try

I have tryed that one already but it doesnt work properly for me. It is pressing forward button all the time and hogs all other keys, i cant even turn it of. Plus when i come back to windows it messes up mouse.

Yes, but this still means you have to hold mouse key no?

Yes, and the left shift key. I thought it might be easier on your left hand, though.

Can you not set run to your mouse click. Then activate click lock in the mouse properties.