Query about using a bow


Not sure if this is a bug or part of the gameplay;

Twice now I’ve pulled out a bow (first it was Hans Capon’s bow, then the Cuman bow) and every time I hold R2, instead of drawing back it releases immediately, resulting in a limp shot.

With the Hans Capon bow, it did perform normally eventually. It’s also worth noting that both Bows are technically above my current stat levels.

I assume this is a bug or a result of using a bow with stats too high.


If your Henry is noob with bows, the result is he can’t draw bow for more than few seconds and barely shoot more than meter away.


This is what I thought, as my Henry currently is Noob Level. I think Level 1, maybe 2.

However, I can win the Beginner’s Archery Contest easily, and I did very well in The Prey quest, easily hitting rabbits and even one shotting one of the bandits.


It depends what level of bow you are using. Especially Cuman bows are hard to draw.


Yes, you are right. I can’t use the Cuman Bow but I can still use Hans Capon’s bow, which has less stat requirements. Thanks