Quest Bug - The Prey (Potential Spoilers)

Hi everyone, first post here so apologies if I’ve done anything wrong. Tried searching for this problem but can’t find anything about it.

I have started The Prey with a horse prior and when I chase the boar with Hans I end up at the Cuman camp with Hans knocked off. the game is telling me to check on Hans however his body is lifeless and all I can do is grab his body. I’ve seen videos of people doing this quest where they can talk to him but after up to around ten save game loads I’m having no luck.

any ideas anyone? rlly appreciated. thanks!

PS am on PS4 with the latest patch (1.05 I think it is)

I think timing is quite important on this quest. So if you take to much time to hunt down the boar, the Cumans will kill Hans. So I suggest to do not hunt down the boar, instead search for Hans and rescue him. It seems that not hunting down the boar doesn’t have any negative impact.
On the other hand, not rescuing Hans will keep you away of some interasting side quests.

I already had a horse prior, so I do not have to search for Hans. Instead I go into a cut scene where we arrive at the cuman camp and Hans is shot off his horse. He is supposed to be stat down so you can talk to him but for me he is just dead and my quest doesn’t change. Not really sure what to do

Ah ok I see. And what happens if you do not follow Hans, wait some time and then start searching for him? This should end finding Hans tied up to a pole where you can rescue him from. I think its worth a try …

what do you mean? i dont have a choice but to follow hans as it goes into a cutscene as soon as we find the boar this video here is the exact bug I am getting however reloading my save doesn’t seem to fix anything

Hmmm… strange, seems that, you have the horse prior this quest, the quest is quite different. When I was doing the quest at some time Hans decide to hunt down a boar with the bow, what is not a quite smart idea, once the boar flees he starts chasing it with the hors leaving me behind. I found then Hans tied upt to the Pole in the Cuman camp.
Sorry that I can’t help here really since the quest was different for me …

yeah first time doing this quest that happened to me, this is a second run through (due to my save being deleted lol) and i have no idea how to get around this bug

If you are still having this problem. I slept at the Cuman camp for one hour and when I woke Hans was awake and hiding in the bushes.