Quest NPC runs away from me

I cant seem to talk to the npc Master Jerome when doing the quicksilver questline. I accidentally angered him, and now he wont talk to me. I’ve waited 4-5 in-game days but still the same. How do I repair relations with him so I can do the quest?

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I’m having the same issue with a different NPC. Let me know if you find out please?

I’ve been getting issues where I can’t talk to NPC’s at all. Even those required for a quest. All I get is the option to pickpocket them.

That sucks. But that seems like a different issue. That’s a bug. The issue on this thread is we can’t figure out how to appease NPCs that we’ve upset. This is more of a game mechanic issue. The game informs us that we can change their minds by doing quests for people they are affiliated with but that’s pretty vague. IDK…

When you piss off one person, then you get a reputation with the whole town through gossip and such. So, you must do missions to help people and have a more friendly attitude with people in hopes that, THAT gossip will reach your offended NPC. I’ve had the same experience with a horse trader before when he witnessed me killing his wife because she caught me stealing. Mass chaos, I know. But, try this and see if it works.

I increased my Rattay rep from a minus figure to 100 through questing but that hasn’t helped at all. The scribe still bolts when he sees me. I shouldn’t have knocked him out and mugged him…

He will run off to the guards at the lower gate and stand there just idling, you can talk to him there.

I tried that and he just ran over the drawbridge and way out into the countryside.

Hit him infront of the guards and get locked up for a day, NPC-s get appeased when you land in jail after wronging them.

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I shot him with an arrow and got 5 days in jail. Hopefully that’ll help.

You could have just hit him with a hand, now he’s bound to become a Guard in Skyrim if you shot him in the knee.

Yeah. He used to be an adventurer like me. lol. I had to shoot coz the bugger wouldnt sit still. Lucky I’m a deft hand at sniping. Funny thing is, now that he’s talking to me, he’s actually complaining about his knees!

So it fixed it? Great so the issue was you not getting locked up, in other words some npc-s seem to get bugged into their AI not reporting the transgression to the guards so that you get a wanted tag in that town.

Thanks for your help!

Not sure how you would fix npc relationship in the monastery

I was able to fix it without killing/hurting the npc and more importantly without going to jail/lowering reputation… Every time I went to the Rattay Swordsmith he runs away, but at one time instead of running away he engaged a fist fight with me instead, I lured him to the street then some guards came to intervene but I didn’t punch back instead I pressed G to surrender. Since I didn’t hurt anyone I wasn’t arrested and the guards just let me go without fees afterwards the swordsmith talks to me again =)

it may just be a lucky bug what happened, you guys test it out.

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This worked for me aswell, thanks for the tip.
But there must be an easier way since I had to run to Rattay from Gallow hill with Executioner Hermann tailing me to be able to do this.

same problem in the Sasau’s monastery

Thank you, I had the same problem with the Knacker in Sasau. Spending time in jail fixed this issue for me.

Confirmed Solution. Deposit Groschen in the appropriate monastery box thing.

Back Story, I punched the guy who repairs the moldovite because we was a rude douche that I dont have time for. After that he’d run away when I went near him. When to the Sasau church, dropped a fat 100 in the box, and problem solved.