Quest the madonna of Sasau, nicodemus is nowhere to be found

I need to find him as and extra point of information but he isnt in the infirmary.
Quest is the madonna of Sasau, I have talked to the inquisitor since Nicodemus is nowhere to be found. I have spoken to all other possible witnesses but I can’t find him. Also not in merjohed anymore.
No mods are installed.

Merhojed … Nicodemus has just finished in Merhojed? Maybe he is still on the road back to Sasau?

nope that has been done at least 7 days before this moment ingame time. He should be there.

Has this been fixed with the new patch thats out?

I have found him, he was now placed at a camp where hans capon was staying. so this has been fixed!

you can go directly to johanka and skip talking to him. She is in bailiff house.