Question about main level perks, please help

If I invest in a perk that increases one skill’s level, but decreases another, will I still be able to max out the skill that had its level decreased? For example if I put a perk point in the Ken perk, where I get +2 Charisma but -2 Strength, will I be able to still max out the Strength skill?

You can max out everything. It works the same way like other buffs/debuffs.
You “main” level of said skill is still the same, but next to it you have your + or -.

So if I reach rank 20 in strength after I activated the Ken perk, I would have a -2 debuff attributed to it then? And effectively have only level 18 strength?

I am 99% sure you end up with 20 white strength and 18 red strength, and unless you get other buffs like savage or sadist, you will never raise it beyond that.

I believe I get the picture. So I can still get all perks, but I would just have about 8 pounds less carrying capacity and mabe slightly less strong attacks. Well thank you both for replying to my post I appreciate it.

Even at 18 strength, because your weapon skill is the main way damage scales, you’ll still be 1-3 shotting everything.

There’s a level 7 drinking perk that raises charisma by 50%. Defense at 12 that raises it by 4. Herbalism by 2 and maintenance by 2, another by 1, and then alpha male by 2, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to max out even without Ken.

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Yeah that’s a pretty good point honestly. Thanks, I’ll be reconsidering my perk points now. I don’t think I’m going to end up getting any of the perks that debuff other skills.

But be warned, If you take perk that gives buff to one of basic attributes, it won’t buff it above lvl 20. IIRC I tried this with strenght and even though I had strenght of 19 and buffed it with +2, overall was still only 20… So there is probably no point in taking these perks If you have that attribute maxed out already.

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Not 100% sure but pretty sure that it goes above 20 it just doesnt read that way, if u look a few posts up, where they say it give in parentheses like (+)(-) and u combine that number to the main number and that’s your real strength number.
(Ex1 Strength 20(+3) your actual strength is 23
Ex2 Strength 14(-2) your strength is 12. )
Edit: and yes I am aware that I am responding to a post thats over a year old.