Question and Suggestion: Is there an easier opponent than Bernard to practice with?

Question: Stated in the subject heading.
the problem is the guy is just too difficult an opponent if you’re simply trying to learn to do combos. I understand trying to learn with a difficult opponent is better, but you can’t even do combos 29/30 times, so you feel like maybe you’re doing it right, but he’s just always able to get out of the way and interrupt the combo, or maybe you’re doing it wrong, who knows . . . ? It becomes a very frustrating guessing game. It makes it frustrating because all you want to do is make sure you’re actually performing the moves as per the instructions. I don’t care about practicing the character skills at this point. I’m just trying to see if I’m doing the moves correctly, clicking at the correct point and such. Then I can go practicing with Bernard, after I know I at least know how to do them according to the game instructions.

2 suggestions:

  1. I expect the answer is no, so Easier opponent that can’t dodge and interrupt your combos 29/30 times. Perhaps an early quest for one of the Rattay refugees that upon accomplishing it gives you the ability to practice with them. Perhaps after finishing Theresa’s portion of “A Woman’s Lot,” an option appears to ask her to spar with you, giving you someone you can practice combos on without having to spend inordinate amounts of time just to see if you’re clicking at the right point or not. After all, she’s supposed to be some kind of newbie warrior woman now. As I recall, she was getting quite good at taking down Cumans by the end of that story.
    1a. Alternatively, add some practice dummies. They don’t need to level Henry up, just allow us to practice combos to make sure we’re using the game mechanics correctly.

  2. Allow for all directions when swinging the sword in the air while not in combat. Perhaps allow combo execution, though that may be counter-productive since hitting the opponent is what is supposed to unlock the next move in the combo. That’s why I suggested maybe combat dummies, so you have something to hit to unlock the next move in the combo.

I just barely realized that we can do more than two attack vectors. I thought it was swing or stab, and that was it. I thought that because when I swing in the air, I can do only two things, swing or stab. So naturally I thought that’s what combat is in this game, swing or stab. I figured it out once I noticed that the reason I couldn’t do as Bernard instructed in the arena was because I hadn’t added any of the “perk” combos he mentioned in my sword skills. Maybe it’s my fault. I’m used to PC open-world and sandbox games that don’t require triggering of combat and such to unlock additional stuff. Games I’m used too, what you can do while not in combat is the same as what you can do in combat . . . which is realistic. It’s realistic to practice your moves in the air to form muscle-memory before you actually face an opponent or start on a dummy.

when u have selected the option to train combos, he shouldn’t dodge

I think that option disappears after you do the combo training. So you won’t be able to repeat it. Same with the master strikes.

You think wrong. i can train combos again and again

Maybe you should train fist fighting with Bernard first. This should push Strength and Agility. And Bernard is a lousy fistfighter :slight_smile:

Thank you.
This seems to work, but he doesn’t give you much time to practice combos other than the one he tells you to do. And sometimes he fights back and puts you on the ground if keep trying to do other than the combo he’s telling you to do. This is a nice addition of realism.

I’m getting much better at it now though. But getting those combos down is really hard. I’ve spent a lot of time now training with Bernard. So, I’m mostly confident now that I’m at least doing the mechanics right.