Questions about Hardcore mode starting perks

Hi, im about to start my Hardcore playthrough soon. I decided to chose more than 2 perks necessary. Im chosing Tapeworm, Brittle bones for sure - seems realistic enough without too much hassle, especially tapeworm. I felt that in base mode food is too easily available and useless. Especially with those pots in game.

I am also thinking of Sonambulant, Hemophilia, Numbskull, Nightmares and Claustrophobic. Im not sure yet.

Sonambulant - how often is this perk activated? 1/10? 2/10? Is it much hassle? How far does Henry wander from sleeping place? Is it possible to find yourself on the other end of the map? Also, does your equipment stays with you or you wake up with nothing?

Nightmares - what kind of debuffs there are and how long they last?

Numbskull - i had a feeling that henry gets overpowered too soon, but does that perk apply to every skill and attribute or only to main level/fight skills? How slower is progress? Honestly im not looking forward to grinding up lockpicking again…

Claustrophobic - how much does attack lowers when i have my visor on? Does this perk apply only to full face helmets or every helmet?

Hemophilia - I think i used bandages maybe three times through my playthrough, couldnt get cuts through full plate armor. Does this perk raise % chance of getting cuts or does it only speed up bleeding? I think ill pass on this one probably though, i feel that bleeding rate in base mode is pretty realistic, with this one it would be too fast tbh.

All advice appreciated, share which perks you have chosen and how do you feel about them.

My typical set up for a more immersive playstyle is :
Numbskull for slower levelling (works for all skills/perks/levels)
Consumption for slower stamina regen during combat (combat is harder)
Hemophilia for more bleeding danger
Tapeworm, so food have some economic impact (I don’t use cooking pot and avoid stealing food, so I must buy my food)

Most others seem to much a hassle (somnabulant) or can be easily bypassed (Nightmare)

Numbskull is all EXP you get *0.6
Skills that can easy leveling are ok, but some of hard ones could be annoying.(speech, defense, maybe?)

Brittle bone it will kill you directly more than any other perks. You can die by jumping off from your horse at slopes. Slip out from ladder. It will happen when you forgot about it. Difficult one.

Somnambulant Not so much triggered. And basically, you will awake near of towns.
So, its not big deal while you have knowledge of each town. But yes you will go other side of the map.
You maybe not lost any inventory item but of course the chest box is gone far.

Tapewarm easy

Nightmare 2hours, in-game. Main status (strength or so) will -2.
Not much problem.

Claustrophobia only viser helmet. I don’t use full fase(wanting see henry fase) so, its not affect me and I forgot the value.

Consumption annoying, but not critical.
Shakes annoying, but first few level.
Haemophilia annoy… wait, I can’t remember anything about him. Who is this.

Easy choice
tapewarm(drink spiritus)& nightmare(go bathhouse)

Difficult choice
Brittle bone & Numbskull (&Consumption )
The hardest event is “run!” So those 3 can be most hard choice.
(Haemophilia will rise the probability of bleeding, but you will bleed 100% in the event anyway.)

You can train you whatever you like after Rattay.

I chose all but Shakes for my latest playthrough. A lot of the negative perks really just seem to mitigate positive perks so the game doesn’t get too easy, like haemophilia makes bleeding a danger even after you get thick-blooded, tapeworm makes food relevant even after you get ascetic, etc.

Somnambulist is funny for the most part. I play Henry as a fairly cautious lad, who prefers a familiar inn and a daily routine. So I know the places I’m likely to wake up depending on where I’m staying. I imagine sleeping in the woods might be challenging though.

Brittle bones I haven’t really noticed much yet. I do have the agility perk that should help with it, but I haven’t tried to get the horse armor yet - that may be difficult.

I think the biggest actual impact on gameplay has been numbskull. You really have to enjoy your leveling routines, otherwise it might get boring or just frustrating.

I’m going through my 2nd playthrough with all debuffs/bad perks. The sleepwalking thing, happens about 1 out of 8 or so for me. You can go pretty far, but if you don’t go to bed overloaded, you can wake up call your horse and then do the 2 hour wait to get rid of the nightmare debuff.