Questions About the Small Waterwheel North of Ledetchko

Hi, I don’t know if anyone has the answer for this, but I found a small waterwheel on the tributary creek that runs parallel to the road north of Ledetchko, a bit south from where the road crosses the creek, near a fallen tree. You’ll probably hear it before you see it. It isn’t connected to anything, it is far from any civilization, it’s too small to provide power for anything large, and it’s only purpose appears to be to make a sound at regular intervals. Does anyone know what it’s for, why it’s there, and who made it?

In another post a person from the area said it was a toy.

I’ve heard two plausible explanations.

One is to lead a person lost in the woods to water.

The other explanation was during high water, the wheel spins faster, making a whistling noise. This was used to warn of impending flooding.


I asked about this just a couple of days ago:

It’s a henway.

Cool we’re u get that info from common sense?i always know to follow a river downstream depending on we’re ur at and it usually leads to a home

It’s a toy.
But another great Detail in a great game.
I hope for upcoming games, warhorse will actually include children, who allegedly might have built the Little water wheel. :grin:

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wow, ppl have too much time on their hands to be worried about stuff like this lol

Indeed. Likewise, you have too much time to write tons of crappy posts on this forum…


shots fired someone else went there😂

Sounds like a Middle Ages Crop Circle phenomenon!
Maybe it’s one way WHS will be able to introduce aliens in a later DLC or maybe a moder will create one?

Please don’t go down that route. It is painful enough to read the postings elsewhere on the internet.

Think you’re getting confused with your own posts brah.

The person who said it was to lead you to water is correct. If you are lost, you hear that noise and you know there’s running water there. Follow running water downstream, and you’ll get to a town.

This has saved my ass a couple times when playing without fast travel or map markers.

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LOL - Thanks Groucho!

As someone already posted it’s basically a toy. I haven’t seen one for a very long time, but I know creek with many water wheels of various designs. It can be build by older children’s or by parents for small kids. All you need is some wood and knife. Optionally nails or strings. More advanced designs may have tiny water hammer, but it usually won’t last long.
It doesn’t have any purpose, just like a boat from pine bark, small houses from whatever is found in the forest, willow whistles, decorations made from hay/straw, animals from chestnuts and toothpicks, …
Imagine that people did not have Minecraft, lego or anything like this :slight_smile:

Yes, children must be in game, without them there is less immersion