Quick modding question


I have no experience with modding in general, except for adjusting some variables in a notepad file, so I’ve been waiting for a while for someone with actual skills to redesign the bascinets in the game, but now I’m thinking about giving it a try myself, so here’s what I’d like to try:

1- Replace the current generic « hounskull » bascinet model with the Zoul version, and remove the gold trim.

2- Add a new item to the game: opened visor version of zoul bascinet, again with no gold trim).

3- Replace the « common bascinet » model with, again, the Zoul opened visor version, but removing the visor. Alternatively, keep the model, but give a more polished finish.

What modding tools and softwares would be needed exactly. It is an easy change? Anything specific I should keep in mind?


This should get you started… Seven Kingdoms - Table Guide - Google Docs

Also you need to download the modding tools here. Official Kingdom Come Deliverance Modding Tools at Kingdom Come: Deliverance Nexus - Mods and community

Some other tutorials are here… Kingdom Come Deliverance - Nexus Mods Wiki

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The Gold Texture
I’ve described how to get rid of it here, but you will need Photoshop, sadly.
Also Cryengine texture exporter (Crytiff) which is in the modding tools on the Nexus.

There is one step missing, where you should save it in the editor as a mod (if you want to publish it) but it will work this way too.

Change Model
I do not have idea how to. I think you could find the Zoul version file and copy it, rename it a palce in directory so it replace the ordinary one? Perhaps.
Wery “dirty” way. Correct would be, ofcourse, to edit the items properties and which model should be used , but that is probably more complicated.

Adding item*
I’ve never tried that, but some modders managed that before modding tools were released. I would look into those mods and try look into them.
Then there is some way with the modding tools with setting up all the Storm and what not programs but I cannot say anything about them.


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