Raiders quest bugg- Please help


Hello everybody. I have one problem. Im doing raiders quest for sir bernard, its the first cuman camp. I killed all cumans there,but I cant find leader of the camp,so thanks to it i cant complete it. 3 cumans there were ,maybe there should be 4 of them?Because i didnt find leader of the camp. I was looking for him for so long time and i still cant find him,he is marked on map,but isnt there. Anyone of you have same problem as me? I think its a bug for sure. Could you help me please? thank you…


He’s probably laying on the ground dead somewhere. I had it happen to me once where I killed him and he slid down a hill while i was fighting a couple other guys so I couldn’t loot the body. After I killed the other guys I walked around forever looking for his body and never found it. I finally just loaded up a save and tried again.

The location marked on the map is the camp location not the leader’s body.


I dont think so,because game didnt say to me that i killed captain of camp and i still cant find him.


I can’t remember if it updates before you loot the body or not. I think you have to loot the body first. I may be mistaken.

Do you have a close save file?


Thank you for advices. Yes,I have close save file.


I would just reload and try again. Those are fun quests and I never had a problem with them except that one time. So maybe it was just a random occurrence.


I reloaded and tried again for so many times,but still nothing. i dont know what to do.


That is strange. What system are you on? Are you running any mods?


Im playing on xbox one and no ,i dont play with any mods.


Oh ok. I’m on PC. Hope someone can help you out. I’m out of ideas.


Always 3 cumans there are and none of them is the camp leader.


I finished whole game before few days and now im doing all minor quests. this one is buged for me,so its how it is,but im ok with that


Maybe just try again after a while (an ingame week or so). Maybe he appears again? Look out for the shield marker on the map …


Thanks. Would try.


as mentioned in othe thread - try to take a mask from here:


Thanks a lot man,you saved me !! Seš čech? ,já jsem čech…