Rattay scribe wont get out of bed. (Spoiler)


Rattay scribe wont get out of bed, stays ‘‘asleep’’ 24/7.

I know however that during the quest ‘‘Mysterious ways’’ if you decide not to go drink with Father Godwin you can choose another way of tracking down who Limpy Lubosh cronies are by asking the Uzhitz baliff who will send you to Rattay to talk to the scribe and there you need to heal him etc, and that way you will be able to talk to him/conduct business etc.

But is there another way for me to heal him? Since I’m way passed that quest and I’d really like to buy shit from him. And if I remember correctly he can train you in some aspect.
Fenks in advance.


yeah that sir stays there the whole time. except when i sneaked into his quarters and he isn’t ill enough to stand up and shout at you


Please refrain from such vulgar language, it’ll scare the devs, they are rare but remarkable creatures.

For real tho, I would appreciate an answer on this from anyone who knows. Is there any other way?


duno, what do you want to speak to him for?


that’s why, and RP purposes


No need to use that language please.


I know you have a set rp style you doing.

But for a test, choke him out. And drag his raggidy ass to a different part. See what happens in time.

Don’t diddle him or anything.


Doubt it will work, but I’ll try it.


yeah let us know if it works because others have this as well. you should let us know exactly how you did it


Nope, does not work. Knocked him out, carried him away, even planted the correct potions on him while he was out cold. Waited 2 days, and nothing. Tried talking to people about it aswell, gives me no option. Does our lovely community manager have any advice on this? Is there a workaround or do I have to start over?


No, as far as I know, he will always stay in his bed because of the sickness.


Jep you cant cure him. You buy embrocation for him to relieve the pain.
Scribes do not train you btw.


Rei why did you present this as a bug? we all said this was normal at the start of the thread. :grin:


Never did I present this as a bug.


Okay, thanks.


you kinda did though by saying you are using a workaround…

but yes that is normal. you should go see other scribes or steal from the monastery as there’s loads of books.


You need to go to the scribe in Uzhitz to learn how to read.
@Kirksty please stop the meta discussion about how @Rei framed his request or not. There is no use for this.