Rattay Tournament - Herald is not there


I wanted to start the tournament. Over the course of the game there have been many ways I guess. At the beginning of Rattay it told me that a tournament would start tomorrow several times. I checked but couldn’t find the herald even though a quest marker implied he should be arround. Later I started the quest with the blacksmiths son. Still I cant find the Herald. I now got the quest to “start the tournament”, the citizens of Rattay are waiting for it to begin … but I never see the Herald even though I got Questmarkers for it … at the end of the marker there is just nothing.

Is there a way to spawn or respawn this guy?

is it morning already? You have time till 15:00 on that day to talk with the herald

Sorry, herald should be there every day, even if no tourney

There is no herald. Not in his room, not in the courtyard where the tournament is held.

The tournament seems to be buggy right now. Mine will start right after completing awakening, despite not even having trained with Bernard. If I don’t go there the next day, I will fail the quest.

Take a look at your quest tab, look if the tournamenet quest appears at your ‘‘failed’’ quest tab. Maybe that’s why the Herald is not showing up?

It wasn’t. As I said I had the quest marker for both the DLC Tournament and the standard tournament (if that is correct?). I then tried to kind of restart the tournament by commiting a crime near the arena. It failed, but still the people are gathering around the arena and so far no herald has showed up and the quest did not restart.

That sounds weird. I mean if your not using mods, sounds like something messed up with the save somehow…You could try downloading the “cheat” mod from nexus and installing that. There are cheats to find npc and spawn them. So you could try finding him and teleporting to his coordinates if the game finds him. If it doesn’t find him, you could try spawning him in and seeing if he takes over his role as normal.
At least this way, you could spawn him in and not have to restart your save(hopefully).

So anyone knows Herald’s soul ID? Or is there a way to learn it in-game?Tried spawning him with Cheat mod using “herald” token, but it spawns a totally different NPC. Also tried digging into v_soul_character_data, but there are no “Herald” named npcs at all. Probably his soul ID looks like “char_XY_uiName” and there are 565 of such IDs

Did you solve your problem? Found the Herald?
On the day of the Tournament the Herald is near the arena, standing behind a speakers desk or sits close by, if i recall correctly. If the tournament is on going, you can identify the herald easy, it its the guy shouting/announcing what fight you are seeing.
If you miss the tournament do not worry, the quest will fail but after one week it will activate again.

Dug it up myself, it’s char_550_uiName and the soul_id is 62b32840-5015-48ef-bb87-21f97da1c6e8.
Just spawn him with cheat_spawn_npc and talk to him

… to get the “come back tomorrow” bug.