Rattay's - or full region - serial killer?

I’m wondering if there is any super secret story-line to justify the loitering of the whole map with random scenes of obvious murder called “accidents” in many cases.

Also, I would like to suggest modifying the “accidents” clue or whatever it is to read something different… I mean, can you call a hanging an accident? How about burning someone mid waist and stoning them? Cutting their feet off and dragging them into a shallow grave? dumping bodies in a little hut where the inhabitants have also been… well, murdered?

It’s just starting to feel like there is a definitely more to it all, however there is no real proof that the “accidents” were caused by the same person after-all…
What can I say? The Sir Conan Doyle in me wants a story-line for it because the game is definitely afoot.

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find the ‘accidents’ a bit gratuitous., esp relative to combat killings

the accidents is just a meme/meta joke. and the murderous nature is just reflective of medieval period during times of strife. all manner of psychopathy gets activated

Except the gore in combat* and the depravity in murdering, raping and pillaging plain medieval folk is tame… and some might say lame

*- I went stabby stabby to Runt in his eyes/face in hardcore with Stinger; he dropped like a sack of potatoes with no gore

Michael Myers has infiltrated Rattay in time for the new Halloween movie.

The middle ages were definitely not a “time of strife” or a place in time where “all manner of psychopathy was activated”
The middle ages are a fairly well documented time period which is normally divided in 3 parts:
early, high and late.

The game, as you all hopefully know, is set in the late middle ages. 1403.

About 100 years before the game is set the populations had been culled by the great famine. A lingering weather pattern of rain made it impossible for crops to mature, or for hey to dry, making it hard to maintain animals. Many peasants died because of this event.
About 50 years before the game is set the rest of Europe’s population (bohemia was untouched) further dwindled to the black plague.
The reign of Charles IV was a golden age so the population wasn’t doing too horribly by the time this story begins.

All that said, the rest of the game over-stresses the fact that as soon as a corpse is dropped someone will run to get a catchpole. Were it true that the middle ages were a time of sheer psychopathy, you certainly wouldn’t have seen a game that strives to be historically accurate have their NPCs run for cover and seek a guard at the sight of murder.

What does Henry do with all the murders he sees? Nothing.
Not even the “good Christian” thing of digging up a grave and dropping them into it / having the ground consecrated.

Now that is a little awry of historical accuracy.

The issue with the gore - decapitations, amputations and so forth, was time constraint - about a year ago. They have no reason not to overhaul and implement that at this point.
What you’ll never see (unfortunately) is kids. Stupid mostly European laws mean kids would have to be immortals like in Skyrim…
I believe everyone would rather not have kids in the game over not being able to damage them at all.

Either way, despite the silly explanation that " shit was just rough" that obviously doesn’t fly, the “accidents” keep getting more and more intense and seem to follow a pattern far beyond that of “shit happens”… and that was sort of the point of my topic…

WH is under no obligation to do so but would be greatly appreciated if KCD maintained some internal coherence/consistency with regards to violence. It doesn’t.

Long ago Myth II: Soulblighter had a setting that allowed you to select gore vs non-gore battle (death) animations. Quite the burden (per yield) to implement in game as complex and vast as KCD but wish did so.

Personally, I don’t play RPGs to extirpate whole villages so immortal inhabitants (adult or child) don’t bother me.

the game is set during a civil war where bandits and foreign occupyers are roaming the countryside. i didn’t say anthing about the middle ages as a whole, said during times of strife like warfare, famine, etc. nice essay :roll_eyes:

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Yeah, the “accidents” tag on the serial killer hut was weird. That was the only thing in the game that I’ve seen so far (80ish hours) that was a little disturbing. The wrapped bodies downstairs with the fresh one, the torture table out back, and the one that was begin worked on upstairs with “the joys of gutting iii” beside it.

I just hope that . . . in a future patch, or DLC, or update, or even a second game . . . they can get a bit more into the nitty-gritty of Cry Engine and figure out how to either (a) optimize more clutter and copious inventories (as well as more “on horse” models and animations and/or a henchman cart team Henry can hire); (b) find the time and resources to: implement a fully dynamic clutter system, including all corpses, and to include the capacity to throw corpses on a horse or a cart, and to collect them at an improvised cemetery.

It tortures my Christian soul to leave all those corpses littering the fair landscape of Bohemia and while my Henry is not an ordained Priest of the Antichrist, he is a devout follower of the Poor of Lyon, and so feels sufficiently qualified to consecrate a mass grave for all those poor unfortunates. And those Cows I poached in training up my fisticuffs / bow skills too . . .