Rattled quest no reward given by zach

Ps4 version 1.9.1… this quest is still bugged after more than a year since release?Fought ota on a duel and zach didnt give me the 450 gr and vitus armor as agreed after winning. Wtf warhorse!

Any info guys ?

you need to make sure you wait for him to go back to his shop.
He wont do anything in terms of the main quest or the reward until he is back working in his workshop near monastery.

Yup i made sure to talk to him once he is on the workshop… no reward given despite him saying “ ok this is your reward”…

I mean if he had the dialogue option to get the reward, id assume you got it. If not reload a save and try again. If it keeps happening and your 100% sure its not happening, then id report it(assuming your not using some mod(s) that might mess it up.

Ps4 so no mods. Already reported to warhorse.