Raven's Beak Warhammer? Can't Find

Hello everyone. I’ve spent the better part of my afternoon desperately attempting to find the Raven’s Beak Warhammer but I cannot. Nothing on Google has any answer on where it is but I see a lot of people on the forums talking about it. I’ve check the Swordsmith in Sassau which is where someone said it is, but he doesn’t have it.

Help please.

Its located in a Very Hard locked chest in a camp (Comes in to play in the final scene with Hans Capon). Its next to a main road up on the east side of the map heading from Neuhof to Uzshitz.

The road is leading off the map, it can be considered a main road as it is quite wide, heading east on the road the camp will be on your left, its basically on the side of the road, can’t miss it

That chest was unlocked in my second play through. Lots of good stuff in there.

I found it last night at a camp a few paces down the main road going past Neuhof. I came across an empty camp on the left side of the road with an unlocked chest w/ the following: Full set of knights armor, two noble swords and the Raven’s beak warhammer. I was shocked that a level 6 character could find this, I personally think I came across this easily because of a glitch. Any-who, I currently wear the armor and sold the warhammer for some coin. My swords are waiting for my character to be strong enough to use. Good luck and Happy hunting…

i got it off a random “attacked by foe” encounter with an evil knight. he was fully kitted with a hounskull and a heavy shield with the flame insignia. ps, the icon for the spiked warhammer and raven’s beak are switched. i only realized this when i used the spike warhammer to kill him, and then looted the raven’s beak off him and realized the icon grapgics in the inventory are the opposite of how they look in the real world. the raven’s beak actually looks really cool, it’s got an all metal construction with an ornate decorared head

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reply is coming late i know but i have just started playing kcd 1 month back…hope it helps you so Raven’s beak is the strongest war hammer in the game right now no question asked it’s damn op 3 shots for a fully armored knight…here’s how you can get it after the 1.4 update you can get it in the chest of erik in ‘dice is cast’ mission of the main story if you bothered to get back your gear back…it’s in one of the 2 chest in erik’s i don’t remember which one…obtain the lockpick in the right hand corner of the 2 shed nearby and obtain your gear plus Raven’s beak…

p.s. apply bane potion on Raven’s beak and go berserk on the bandits during the escape mission in ‘dice is cast’ no one can stop you.