Re-fire the trébuchet to reach dlc?

I’m very confused

I finished the game but have come back to play all the DLC.

So the game goes back in time to before firing the trébuchet and I complete Ashes to Ashes. So how to I get inside Talmberg to reach the Bastards DLC? Do i go through the same process of firing the trébuchet and storming the castle? I’d rather not.

I’d also like to get in there for other quests.

What exactly do you mean by “the game goes back in time”
Installing DLCs should in no way alter your saves or progress

Am I going crazy?! My game told me that Ashes to ashes is set before the trebuchet is fired. I’d already finished the game when i downloaded it. Then the game put me back before the trebuchet to rebuild pribyslavitz.

Its not a bug because I’m sure i remember a screen where this was explained

From the Ashes can be played even after the siege. So I am not sure what screen you are referring to.
Only condition for From the Ashes is to finish Baptism of fire where you rid Pribislavitz of bandits.

Perhaps you mean this screen?

Also could you elaborate what you mean by this? “Then the game put me back before the trebuchet to rebuild pribyslavitz.”
Has something happened to your saves after siege?

The Bastards DLC has nothing to do with Talmberg.