RE: Monastic Life

Not sure if anyone reads this forum anymore, and I can’t stand social media interfaces, so…

Just wanted to provide feedback on the quest(s) involving immersion in the monastery.

Having spent several months on and off (over two years) in a Franciscan Monastery during graduate studies (long story, did not take ‘orders’ but was allowed to live with the brothers…) I personally found the sections of the game imposing a monks life on the player to be incredibly well done. I found myself drawn back to that place and time in a way I never thought a game could do…

Many thanks WH! Can provide more feedback if interested…


I know several lat persons who have spent time with religious orders, much like yourself, they all reflect upon the discipline and routine, reminds much like basic military training without the marching.

At the start of the quest, I really liked that monastery atmosphere and everything. But after 4 days there, all I wanted was to punch every monk in the face and get out, to start to live again :smiley: But I think they nicely showed that simple routine life, where all that matters is work and God. But it’s not life for me.

Thank you for replies.

Of course the monastic routine is the primary experience WH wanted us to, umm, experience! But, more than that, put a bunch of men together for a long time with (mostly) no sex, and what do you get? Real bitchy petty behaviour, back stabbing (figuratively) and an undertone of debauchery. A group of these guys would play aggressive-stakes poker Saturday night – it wasn’t for the faint of heart, and I left with barely enough petrol money to get home… LOL…

Agreed Stepan, I felt like I had enough of that after 3 or 4 days, that maybe I wasn’t doing the right things to advance the quest. The last day was spent running away from the circators to avoid yet another solitary (oh, forgot to add those days to the total above) even though I freaking got them more wine, dropped it off myself, then tossed in the cave.

There were several inconsistencies in AI behaviour like that that bugged the hell out of me, BUT overall, a very very fine set of quests inside a world within a world.

So hat’s off! WH, can’t wait for the next installment!

Not reached that point but sounds interesting! Is it a side quest ?

No, it’s main quest line, can’t avoid it. sorry, hope no spoilers in above posts…

Yes, I believe it was WH intention to start you feel like Henry would probably felt, after several days locked in one building and do things over and over. It showed well, how is this life different and difficult for a common country man, who is used to live normally.
Yes, I hated those bastards circators :smiley: I once told them, that I’m sick of their shit and refused to go to solitary, I got expelled and the quest failed. So I had to load and repeat one whole painful day again. But I agree monastery is nice piece of this story.

Wow, that forum branch really made me want to go back to game again (haven’t walked it through and really love it but kinda tired of it, so took a break). Didn’t know such episode is in the story.