Re-packing a .pak file not working?

I’m trying to edit an existing mod, the EquallyPrettyHorses PTF version. Any time I edit it the XML file, it never loads the mod in game.

I unzip the .pak using 7zip, I edit the XML file just changing my existing horses color in sublime text. Save. Repack the folders into a .zip with the same name as the original .pak, then rename it from .zip to .pak which changes the file type.

I’ve tried using the native windows ‘add to archive’ to create the .zip instead. I’ve tried compressing it directly to a .pak instead of a .zip first. Everything I try results in the mod not loading.

It does work if I edit the file directly from inside 7zip, but I’d like to mess with modding a bit more so would like to figure out what I’m doing wrong in unpacking and repacking the files.

What I do is use 7zip to unpack the file I want to edit then I close out 7zip. Then when I’m done editing the xml file I want to edit, I use 7zip to open the pak file it goes back into then just drag and drop my edited file into 7zip. Select yes to replace and it should be good to go. You can also drill down to the file you want to edit inside 7zip, for instance I’m constantly updating the RPG_Params.xml file so i use 7zip on the Data/Tables.pak/ file and open it up then go into the libs folder then tables then RPG and find the RPG_params.xml file inside 7zip and right click it then choose open outside. This opens it in a temp location and allows you to make edits then save it and close it and it will ask you if you want to update the archive, select yes and you are done.