Reading and alchemy...catch 22, please help?

So, I got my first alchemy lesson in Rattay, and I can’t get another one until alchemy level 5.
I can’t work up any alchemy levels without doing alchemy, apparently. But I also can’t do any alchemy until Henry learns to read.
So, Henry can’t learn to read until he does the ‘mightier than the sword’ quest, which is in Uzchitz?

Henry is taking a break before looking for the limping suspect in Uzchitz, to learn alchemy…among other important things.

Can I just go there for the side quest to learn to read, and avoid advancing the main plot?

It’s really difficult to work out the balance in this game. I don’t know how long the main quest is, and I can easily see getting way ahead of myself because Henry is not developing his skills. It’s clear that alchemy is going to take a long time to train up in this game, and I need to get it started.

Any ideas?

You can still do alchemy, it’s just that the words in the book will be scrambled until you learn how to read. You yourself should be able to unscramble the words and make sense of it. You don’t even need to learn to read to learn the recipes either.

You can just go there to learn to read if you want, there is no penalty. then continue the story when you are ready.


Thanks, that’s very helpful. I thought that the ingredients wouldn’t be put on the shelf unless you could read them.

I brewed a couple of potions early by just winging it… but you can “cheat” by just following the recipe you get online somewhere. The recipe is always the same, and you don’t have to “know” any. Otherwise, you have to go to Uzchitz.