Reasons why I did not play the game yet



Here are the various reasons why I did not really play the game yet :

1) French language is not supported yet. English subtitles go too fast for me.
2) It is not easy to remember who told what in the game. An ingame editable log of all the conversations that could be filtered by NPC would help.
3) The hardware requirements are high. Game should be optimized to run on lower configurations. I have an old PC (Core i5 M460 @2.53 GHz, 4 GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce GT 420M, Windows 7 64 bits) which runs the game but with the lowest graphical options (almost unplayable).
4) There is no way to download the game without installing it through the launcher.exe.
5) Launcher.exe is slow or game is big (6.9 GB ?). Should be optimized.
6) Poor communication about the beta updates. I think I’ve seen there was a beta update but I can’t remember where and what it fixes.

  1. Don’t know if French will be in the final game, but you seem pretty good in English.
  2. Didn’t had a problem with it, but ok, why not. Might be helpful if the final game.
  3. Performance is currently bad, because of unoptimized AI, not because of graphical fidelity. But anyway, you should consider to upgrade your PC later, when the game is final. If optimized, the requirements won’t be to harsh and a medium spec’d PC should handle it just fine.
  4. Finaly game will be available via steam.
  5. Launcher slow? It has to download the game once. After that it should just start the game within seconds. Download speed depends mostly on your internet connection.
  6. It was already stated, that there won’t be any more updates to the beta. Launcher updated automatically to new version, when update was available.

  1. The point is that english subtitles pass to fast and there is no way to slower this. And there are some english medieval terms I don’t catch.
  2. Will there be a way to download the game from Steam, without installing it ?


I’m a newb to this forum, but a french translator by trade (english to french, obviously!). I would think adding french subtitles would be the easiest solution to this. I’d hate to have to create a “game script” from the dialogue that our francophones would have to refer too – but if there is no other solution for you guys from the devs, I’d be happy to work on it :slight_smile:


French subtitles are already in Beta, more info in French here:


I started to dowmoad the beta yesterday morning and it came up to 5.1 GB and my PC stopped during the night at 3 am. The last CAB5 file has failed. I cannot install the game. And the launcher.exe does not authentify me anymore.

I am stuck (and already a bit sucked with this).

What should I do ?
Is there a way to restart the download at CAB5, not losing the previous 4 CAB files ?
How can I have launcher.exe authentify me and work again ?


Hi there,
I have created report on our support page ( )
Our launcher expert will contact you there.
Though I fear it might be only after Sunday.


I was re-running an old launcher.exe. Now that I run the latest one, download has restarted, not erasing the 4 CAB file I already have. Problem seems to be solved. I am sorry for this post and bug report.
Next step will be to run the game …


Game runs. With very low fps (8 fps) but it’s because of my old gpu and only 4 GB of ram.
Now looking for Hynek :grinning:


Hey people in my language there isn’t a single videogame so I don’t complain and just look for the medieval terms or whatever I don’t get while I’m playing something.


Did the beta change since August 2016 ?
Any improvements for the requirements ?


last update was it March 2016


Thanks. No improvement then. I will definitely wait for 13th Feb.


Try to watch livestream from E3 build (1st quest, small battle, ±12vs12)

And wait for this :slight_smile: livestream from gamescom build

you can watch video for journalist from gamescom build —)
without talking
with talking


Thanks for the advice. I had a look.
But this is not playable.


I don’t play basically because I’m tired about nowadays games and I find this KDC game kind of different, I only want the full version to enjoy it completely