Rebind Keys


Zum finalen Release wird es die Möglichkeit geben die Tasten frei zu belegen. In der Beta ist das Feature leider noch nicht drin.


I wasn’t complaining. I was just mentioning how much I value the option.


I just bought the game, and since 1997 i have been playing ased instead of wasd. But any time i try to switch the w to e and wsitch s and d upon saving it takes either the left mouse again or the enter or keyboard enter and sometime scroll down . what is going wrong here and how do i change the keys without after stitching to e it chooses a different key again


needless to say i can’t play wasd at all due to 20 years of ased fixation.
I noticed that it only affect using e as forward


You are right, it is not too easy to get “E” for forward, but it is possible.

I had to delete some bindings like “Mouse left” and “Wheel down”
and to confirm the “E” key (Forward), I had to hover over CONFIRM and than “ENTER” it…

I hope you can adjust it…
(not really a bug, but tricky)


i guess you have to write the KCD beta executable name (KingdomCome.exe) instead the application title? Some Autohotkey scripts are programmed to Exe and not on application title! Next thing can be, the used commands in the FO4 Autohotkey script aren’t compatible with or arn’t used in KCD.