Rebind Keys


We need to ability to rebind keys a.s.a.p.! I noticed there’s an actionaps.xml file already in the file structure so the ability is there, we need only know the keybind names in order to mod it ourselves if need be.

I know a lot of people use the arrow keys and need this as well. I need it so I can make certain keys bound to mouse thumb buttons instead of keyboard keys (Block/parry to RMB, Stab to Mouse5, and Kick/push to Mouse4).

Please allow us to set our own controls! Some of us have played with very specific keys for more than a decade on PC (yes, I said decade), and we are loathe to learn new keys for a single game when its muscle memory for us to hit certain keys for specific things.



Is there even a spot for knowing which keys do what? :frowning: I’ve only figured out inventory and how to hold a torch -_-


Yes, it would be nice to be able to rebind the keys to something more convenient.


And to disable any extra controller plugged in if ones want to play with keyboard and mice. Because at this time, the game accept all input source. (I could simply physically unplug the controller, but I’m too lazy :stuck_out_tongue:)


I had to unplug a joystick for the same reason…


Yes, we will have rebinding keys sooner or later, don´t worry about it. Right now you will find a help option in the main menu with the fixed keys, but you will be able to change the keys for your self in a later stage of beta or at least in the final game.



I have played the beta and I am massively impressed with it but WASD does my head in.

Has anyone tried re-binding the keys with Autohotkey?

I just had a go and it didn’t work but I have to confess that I don’t really know what I’m doing. I just took a Fallout4 script and changed the name to KCD_Beta. If anyone knows how to make this work I would appreciate it as a stop-gap.




I mada a solution with autohotkey, see:


Mans who can’t play WASD which keys do u use?


None, movement with mouse, and left hand free. That’s how 1st person play started. Many times faster then WASD, but I do and will not start a disc. about that. Everybody should try whats better.


Please do NOT forget to include rebinding for the consoles as well :slight_smile:


To add to @DrFusselpulli statement.
We actually already have rebinding function in our dev. version. So no need to worry about that.

As to rebinding on console controllers, well… let’s wait till they develop more sofisticated device… like, keyboard and mouse, for example :smiley:

PC Master Race!

PS: Just joking, I love those dirty little peasants :smiley:


i am left handed. usually i use the mouse in left hand for direction and l/r button attack/block with wheel to zoom. with right hand i use arrow keys for direction and number pad keys for skills. this is on a standard cherry style keyboard.

is there an option to remap keys in game yet?


Not yet, sorry.


thank you for the prompt reply. is there an eta for this?


It is in the development version, so we’ll see it at release. No changes to the beta though.


I use the arrow keys for all games. I find it easier than the WASD which tends to end up having me fat finger all surrounding keys (big hands).
For what it’s worth, the ability to rebind keys makes a huge difference to my gaming experience.



i agree…

if i could rebind keys i would buy it.


Why is this discussion still thing? Of course key rebinds will be in game, so there is no reason to still complain about it lol.


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