Rebuilding Pribyslavitz?

Finally got around to looking at the artbook and saw there was a cool idea for Henry to be in charge of rebuilding Pribyslavitz. Unfortunately, they said it didn’t come to fruition. Would anyone be interested in seeing this maybe implemented or have they heard anything?


seems like a next installment thing. IRL skalitz was never rebuilt. tho be interesting. don’t know what happened to the other IRL. .

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I’m all for expansions to this game. Though the first new feature I’d push for is New Game +. This game leads itself to multiple playthroughs especially with all the bugs waiting to be worked out. I’d really like to see the rebuilding of Pribyslavitz as well as Skalitz. However, that all comes down to time and resources. No matter how passionate a development team may be at the end of the day they still need to make a profit. Preferably a sizable one which they can then reinvest.


Sandbox, rebuild Skalitz (incl place Henry can customize as own; can upgrade to have alchemy lab, etc), use Pribyslavitz/Vranik as base for enemy HQ (bandit/Cuman)… is $60 for that DLC enough to make a profit?

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Do you think they’d sell that DLC for $60 you may be the only one who’d pay for it. (obviously not) When it comes to pricing things it has to be worth it to the majority of your customer base and to the expense that will occur to create. For a DLC like that dependent on their audience (which I assume is pretty extensive, but still smaller than an Elder Scrolls game) I imagine it’d be closer to $5 maybe $10 if you factor in only half of your audience will pay for it. Though that’s speculation and something they’re unlikely to do anyhow as I’ve heard no talk of DLC incoming from Warhorse Studios.

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Understand. Not as skeptical. Nuka world DLC (Fallout 4) sold for $20-ish. Unless you have mods, there’s minimal sandboxing and thin playthrough.

think KCD having features i mentioned should be able to sell for similar… this of course assumes WH address gamebreaking bugs and improves some distracting/problematic graphics issues

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hard to do when your up to you arse in angry alligators in your swamp.


well. there was facial hair DLC wasn’t there?

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That was included in a free update

Nope, it was just an update. Free content.

update to core game or free DLC?

think WH kickstart commitments is going to paint them into a corner with some of this stuff :frowning: stuff = rolling out good and proper DLC

Traditionally free dlc is optional so I’d say it’s an update to core content since it isn’t optional.

delivered broken and crasher intially

Yup. One of the downsides to having a “small” team on a big game.

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with the game still not running well who’s stupid Idea to have a seasonal event in a single player game…Easter eggs…seriously when the bugs are still around???

agree. bathhouse beards mandatory? hmm… this DLC season (female playthrough, dog companion, etc) is going to be curious… er, um… interesting

not that it matters but isnt the game set in summer?

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female play thru ala Jean D’Arc? in bohemia? like to see the historical data on that!

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don’t think J d’A… more Theresa the accomplice. who knows?! read a tweet or something that WH is working on kids too…

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