Reconverted HD Textures


Is there any Reconverted textures of HD Texture Mod. As you all may know, there ıs a reconverted texture of vanılla mod of game but ıs there any reconverted HD Textures, I am on a way to edit those textures for my mod, couldn’t fınd anythıng thats why ı ask thıs forum.

The thıng that ı mean;(ı need hd versıon of thıs)


no there are no reconverted textures of hd mod,you will reconverted texture of vanilla mod.


I was talking about can someone export and convert HD textures of the game wıth the same way, so the modders can make theır own edıts over on HD mode :).


Question is: Was anyone able to export HD textures?
I tried it, using the standard method and failed.