Red dead redemption 2 impression


Guys what do u think about red dead redemption 2 second trailer? Do u think it was little bit downgraded graphically as compared to first trailer.


i guess the first one was cinematic and the second gameplay


definitively not.
Second trailer is made up from cutscenes, and those are not the same as gameplay.
That something is done in-engine does not necessarily mean it’s gameplay.


But isn’t it an indicator for gameplay graphics? they are more limited than cinimatics and prerendert promovidz.
maybe i didn’t found the right words. :smiley:


Yes second trailer was not gameplay but rockstar uses in game graphics in cutscenes like in gta v.


yes ,they are ingame graphics, still it does not mean that cutscenes look the same as actual gameplay.
It might be some indicator, but not an accurate one.


me personally i was expecting a bit better . i don’t know why. perhaps because rdr blew everyone away with how good it looked… i played rdr not long ago on the old ps3 and it was still pretty decent looking. So figured they’d have done it again.


I think it will be a funny-to-play-for-several-hour non-realistic console arcade, like almost everything rock$tar does. Personally, Rock$star lost me as a client long ago, when they started treating PC gamers as second rate.


I think I was on the fence about it tbh. It looked alright, very typical Rockstar style feel and aesthetic.

Just not sure how I’ll take to Arthur though… will be interesting to flesh out his motivations a bit more and learn about him as a character throughout the story. No doubt it will be a fun game


Im not impressed by the trailers so far. I mean im not judging the game yet ofc, I loved the first game and still one of my favourite games. But… the trailers so far it’s like all think when watch it ‘‘Yeah… seen it all before’’ and the characters… don’t seem that impressive, I mean it’s like they try to make copy-paste characters of the first game…

But as I told, im far from judging the game yet and still really interested in this game just not that impressed by the trailers


yes and aside from la noire(developed by team bondi), they are not good writers


I think the graphics are fine the game will no doubt look better than rdr on ps3. Game play is the main factor in my mind.


They still gave that game the typical pc port treatment though. Ran worse than GTA 4.


The second trailer did look a bit different.
The first trailer looked a lot more cinematic. The second one looks like it was properly in engine, as how it could look when we play it.

The Second trailer also has two types of footage I think. When you see a bit of ‘gameplay’ it looks different then some parts that are truly cinematics. For instance the part with the woman saying; you are the only one I trust. Looks alot different in quality then when the main character throws a lasso. Ofcourse these are two completely different scenes, but the difference is noticable.

I think the first trailer was made with everything turned up as high as it could go, and also is in engine. Maybe some filters. Just when you play the game the eye candy is turned down because you got a world of characters and mechanics running, not just one shot at a time.


Not in the least important. Either is good enough. What is important is how it plays! eyecandy is a distant second concern.


It is important to note that red dead redemption 2 is rockstar’s game made in absence of Leslie Benzie.(Leslie Benzie was working from gta 3 to gta v as producer and designer.he left rockstar and made his own studio like Daniel Vávra :smiley:.Now Leslie is working on game with working title EVERYWHERE).He also worked on red dead redemption.I am worried about Red dead just like mafia series was ruined when Daniel left 2k games.