Reeky's Retirement Account


I’m on my 2nd playthrough, and once again can’t locate Reeky’s stash in “the west end of his father’s small-holding”…
I again have a spade, and have combed every inch - can one of my kind-hearted fellow players enlighten me?
I need cash to take Theresa to Prague for a romantic weekend of “prayer and study”. :grin::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::stuck_out_tongue:


I have just done it yesterday so I can tell that the description given by the game is accurate, though I believe in my Czech wording it said something about “western corner of the property”, which it was. Check western corners, the one to the north has the pile of the rocks and just next to it you should be able to dig (you need something to dig with you).


You need to search slowly, be patient in the search. It is at the upper right hand corner.


Thank you, Both.
I’ll try again tonight. By corner, I assume you mean inside the fence?


It’s inside the fence. The corner nearest the river.

In my last playthrough there was no stash (no ”start digging” prompt), but I assumed that was because of dialogue choices. Reeky and I never talked about it.


I’m moved. Go take Theresa to your romantic weekend.

Here, I’m taking a screenshot from the corner, looking to the street, so you can get an idea where is the stash, near the stone.