Regular bandits surviving arrow headshots

Title explains it all really. Is it an intended feature where a regular bandit without a helmet can survive an arrow to the face? Seems a bit unrealistic to me. If a bandit gets shot in the face he should die but instead the person just holds his face for a few seconds and carries on fighting.

bandits have HP
You have a damage
If your damage isnt bigger then HP, he survives :slight_smile:
You are playing RPG


Shot with what kind of arrow, from what range, and with what kind of bow? When it comes to archery, a headshot is not a ‘headshot’ in the way you are thinking. If the bow isn’t really powerful, or the arrow loses energy over long range, then a headshot could easily just result in a scratch, deflection or other. It will hurt like a bitch and make you think twice about walking towards that archer, but it isn’t like being shot by a .50 calibre.

It’s not about HP. Basically, if I shoot an unprotected head with any of the ‘Villagers’ bows in the game, I don’t expect them to penetrate anything beyond an eyeball or mouth, they are probably in the 20-35 lbs draw range. For anything above 40lbs (the hunting bows and up), I would expect them to penetrate a human skull IF using the correct arrow type, at the correct range, if I score a direct hit on a more-or-less flat surface.

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Think it was an improved hunting arrow(I think thats what its called). I used the bow what I won earlier on from the story quest and I must of been no more than 7 or 8 foot away from him. Pretty strange because later on I called an archer with a helmet on and killed him in one shot using the same stuff. Must of been a bug or something…

ive found the type of arrow used makes a massive difference,

Better piercing arrow all the way or nothing on people.
If On PC and inclined to use mods get Capons improved bow. Power=80 version (there is a crazy powerful but not recommended).
If you can handle it and use the above arrows a headshot is a head shot.