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I absolutely love this game. It has its problems (less than I realized now that I have played longer) but there is one thing that really bothers me about this game and that is the relationships.

So far I have encountered the possibility of a relationship with Theressa and Lady Stephanie. I only completed the “courtship” quest with Theressa, m’lady was turned down.

Though it isnt really a courtship is it? I thought my henry was going to be able to marry this girl. I was anticipating the story of trying to get Miller Pishek on board, navigating having convincing a commoner to marry a man that is rising into the lower nobility. What would the wedding be like? At the very least I thought there would be some kind of relationship beyond their first toss in the hay.

But no, nothing. Unless I am just not far enough in the game it seems that once henry bangs theressa it’s just over. It completely takes away what I want my henry to be, a man that truly liked Theressa and wanted to at least spend more time with her.

But now it feels like henry has gotten what he wanted out of her and now he has no use for her. It turns my character into someone I dont want him to be and there isnt anything I can do about it. Maybe you just didnt have the budget to continue the storyline, i understand not every quest or story can go on forever, but why did you leave it like that? You could have at least left it open ended where Theressa and Henry say they look forward to seeing each other again, something that could let the player imagine where it might go instead of making it seem like it was wam bam thank you man and done.

So disappointing. The game is not perfect, and I do not just mean the bugs which I know you are working hard on fixing, but this is shaping up to be my favorite game ever. The relationship stuff (once you have sex its over, true of lady Stephanie too by what ive read) is a blotch on an otherwise amazing experience.

I enjoyed the Courtship quest very much, making the ending all the more disappointing.

to anyone involved with the game that read, thank you for taking the time.


It’s disappointing, indeed. The game designer said this was unfinished, and that they have “big plans” for Theresa.

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You guys surely do not see the “big” picture here ! 1. It is the medieval era and people did not get married because of love, people got married when there family said so, when their dad chose someone /out of other interests usually/… not to mention village people had one night stands sometimes and nobody made a big deal out of it… 2. henry had much greater problems that any woman , so he logically did not jump to the idea “Get married and live happily ever after”. 3. Theresa is to some extent a little disgraced , living with a miller - criminal , not having any family and so on - not in my view, guys, but she would not have been seen as a good option , according to typical medieval thinking… 4. Theresa herself is the kind of person who would remain humble and accept hardship always /as many women did at that time/, so even if henry did offer her to marry her after becoming the son of lord radzyg - she would have probably said no, feeling it is not her place…

You will probably play as her in the next dlc…Not interested in the least

Im endgame now, That chick at the millers never wants to do nothing anymore. Is it a bug?

There are no girls in the game, only grown-up women. So I can’t love them.

No, it is what the designers wanted. You cannot do anything after you finish the quest with her.

It’s cool, But if I was Henry…I would not of touched her with your 4 incher lol

Another thing that came short. You can establish som sort of relationship with some women. But after having sex with them, it’s like a one night stand without chance of a repeate (the women will not do more than to say “hi” if they see you), not to talk about an ongoing relationship.

later I got a dialog option to take her a bunch of flowers.
But they re both orphans. There is no social issue with them making arrangements to carry on their lives surely.