Release Date?


I know it’s hard to say but is there already a release date ?
I don’t think so because I don’t read it anywhere but maybe you know it :smiley:
(sry for my english -> I’m from Germany)


No. 10 chracters.


and is there a date of a video update or do you know when the E3 is ?


E3 will be from 13-15 June

And we have a huge german audience here, you are not the only one :slight_smile:


There will be a vídeo update soon that’s probably going to give us a release date.


probably going to give us a release date.

That or a close approximation, closer then what we have now.




Thats a good question. I have also no idea where he get that from…


A literal interpretation of Q1 announcement. I’d guess.


You said “in the first 3 Months of 2017” so, there are just 10 days left… :slight_smile:


March is ending. Q1 is ending. And no release date announced. I am getting nervous…


1Q 2017