[RELEASE] Mods Updated/Tested for Version 1.7.1


Used the newer lighter herbs (0.01 version). The only on of the list I use.




Thanks for updating all these mods,really appreciate your work.
I also have a request, can this mod MINIMAL HUD ’ https://www.nexusmods.com/kingdomcomedeliverance/mods/9?tab=description ’ be updated ? i really like the transparent look.

Thanks in advance.


You know that this was added some time ago? Just hold Esc at any time (dont need to wait for “Charles the IV. King of Bohemia…”) :wink:


If you mean in-game; Ulrich, the “mysterious knight” has the Nuremberg cuirass.


Thanks man you gave me the insight on how to “update” some mods and make them work! Great find


Fantastic stuff. This is greatly appreciated. Any other mods to get? I don’t want to randomly d/l mods to have them CTD. That was so fun with Skyrim!


Hey mate, I know it’s long ago, but I found my way back to KCD. Could u do me a favor and update another three mods? I’d appreciate it so much!!

These would be the three Mods I’d like to have updated:

No drunken sharp effect:

Immersive HUD overhaul:

Hospitaller Gear:

I’d thank you very much mate!!


msmods? Just want to push this thread.


Here are updated versions of the Knights Hospitaller Gear and the No Drunk Sharpen Effect mods.

Knights Hospitaller Gear
Download: ms-knights-hospitaller-gear-v1.7-1.zip
Authors Mod Page: Knights Hospitaller Gear by Ilwrath
File Used: Hospitaller Gear-301-1-0.7z

Knights Hospitaller Gear
Download: ms-no-drunk-sharpen-effect-v1.7.2-1.zip
Authors Mod Page: No Drunk Sharpen Effects by Ilwrath
File Used: zzz_no_sharpen_effect.pak

The Immersive HUD mod is incompatible with 1.7.2 and I don’t know how to modify .GFX files to fix whatever the issue is. Maybe someone else could look into it.

I’ll update the everything in the main post shortly, just getting back into this game.


Ur the best mate, thank you very much!
Well I installed the HUD mod but nothing happens.
I’ll try again later when I’m home, but again thank u very much!


Ah! I missed your post. Here you go.

Minimal HUD
Download: ms-minimal-hud-v1.7-1.zip
Authors Mod Page: Minimal HUD by FaithLV
File Used: MinimalHUD v2-9-2-0-0.7z

This mod looks to do some of what you wanted from the Immersive HUD mod.