[RELEASE] Mods Updated/Tested for Version 1.7.1


!!! UPDATED FOR 1.7.1 !!!

I couldn’t wait for my favorite mods to be updated to so I did it myself and I want to release them for others to use so my work is not put to waste.

I am not the original author of any of these mods, please send all appreciation to the original authors for their time and effort finding the files and strings that they changed.

All mods have been tested, updated, and repackaged for use with Kingdom Come: Deliverance v1.7.1


Open kcd-mods-updated-for-1.7-1.zip and extract the ZIPs of the mods you wish to use.
In the KCD game directory create a “Mods” folder.
Extract the contents of the mod ZIP files to the “Mods” folder.


User Interface Restored for Hardcore
Download: hardcore-ui-restored-v1.2.zip
Authors Mod Page: Hardcore - Compass and Map Marker - Restored by Fainstrider
File Used: Health - Compass - Objectives Fully Restored UI v1.0
Note: Tested working however I cannot decompile .gfx files to compare changes

Map Markers Restored for Hardcore
Download: map-markers-restored-v1.1.zip
Authors Mod Page: Hardcore - Compass and Map Marker - Restored by Fainstrider
File Used: Player Map Marker - Custom Map Marker v1.1
Note: Tested working however I cannot decompile .gfx files to compare changes

Real Clouds for the Maps Fog-of-War
Download: real-clouds-v1.3.zip
Authors Mod Page: Real Clouds - Fog of War by Ruddy88
File Used: Real Clouds v1.3

Skip Intro Videos Before the Main Menu
Download: skip-intro-v1.6.zip
Authors Mod Page: Skip Intro by Marco S
File Used: Skip Intro v1.6

Unlimited Saving without Saviour Schnapps
Download: unlimited-saving-no-schnapps-v2.3.zip
Authors Mod Page: Unlimited Saving by EddieShoe and Biosmanager
File Used: Unlimited Saving - No Schnapps Version v2.3

Wood and Paper Inventory Interface Replacement - Dark Brown
Download: wap-inventory-v1.3.zip
Authors Mod Page: WAP - Wooden Inventory Menu Replacer by Elkasei
File Used: WaP - Dark Brown v1.2

Stay Clean Longer
Download: stay-clean-longer-v1.4.zip
Authors Mod Page: Stay Clean Longer - Get Dirty Gradually by Mad General
File Used: Mad Generals Stay Clean Longer - Get Dirty Gradually v1.4

Templar Apparel
Download: templar-apparel-v1.3.zip
Authors Mod Page: Templar Waffenrock and Horse Armor by hawokk
File Used: Templar Gear v1.0

First-Person Herb Picking
Download: ms-first-person-herb-picking-v1.7-2.zip
Authors Mod Page: First-Person Herb Picking by Marco S
File Used: First-person Herb Picking v1.6
Updated by MS-Mods for KCD v1.7.1

Lighter Herbs (0.01 weight)
Download: ms-lighter-herbs-v1.7.1-1.zip
Authors Mod Page: Lighter Herbs by Marco S
File Used: Lighter Herbs 0.01 v1.6
Updated by MS-Mods for KCD v1.7.1

No Arrow Trails
Download: ms-no-arrow-trails-v1.7-2.zip
Authors Mod Page: Remove Those Stupid Trails by Mugs
File Used: No Trails v0.6
Updated by MS-Mods for KCD v1.7.1

No Inventory Sound
Download: ms-no-inventory-sound-v1.7-2.zip
Authors Mod Page: No Inventory Open-Close Sound by Lukenunes
File Used: No_Inventory_Sound v1.0
Updated by MS-Mods for KCD v1.7 .1

A Sorted Inventory
Download: ms-sorted-inventory-v1.7.1-1.zip
Authors Mod Page: A Sorted Inventory by Haslam
File Used: A Sorted Inventory v1.11
Updated by MS-Mods for KCD v1.7.1


Mad General
Marco S

[FIXED]Please help, can't get mods to work besides Ultimate Saving

I use a few of those and they were already working. A sorted Inventory isn’t though and that sucks. Oh I would suggest to switch from 1st perking herb pcking to instant herb picking… huge time saver!


Could u update the “Stay clean longer” mod please?


Updated. Merging the new version with the altered lines in the mod took a bit of time. I hope I didn’t miss anything, if I did let me know.
Download: ms-sorted-inventory-v1.7-1.zip

It didnt appear to need updating however I’ll maintain it because it will conflict with another mod I want to add.
Download: stay-clean-longer-v1.4.zip


Appreciate it man!


OH PLEASE fix Cheats “own all stolen items” command.
Update Robinhood mod
you’d be a Forum hero if you could get these or any other mods to be ok with FTA, and AASC


hi what a great game


Thing is I don’t have KCD on steam. Only got on steam just a few days ago for other old games I played that GoG doesn’t have.
To use it on my GoG would it be ( after the txt file work) :
C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy\Games\Kingdom Come Deliverance\bin\Win64\KingdomCome.exe" -devmode +exec autocheat.txt?
Also put it in the short cut key for windows?
Also isn’t there a way to adjust the mod to let this happen w/o the typing? the author did this to cheat mod when they changed how to dismiss the tutorial screen and caused the game to stick on the tutorial.
Still be nice if you could update more of the popular mods to the latest patch.


hi what a great game


Thank you for the detailed pic of the work, it helps
Mods such as easy lockpicking, unlimited saves are notorious for causing bugs in the game Others like more random encounters cause bugs in game and in the ashes DLC. I have to dismount all my mods if I want to do anything in the DLC hamlet or else nothing works/works correct. Pro bane poison mod, robinhood, Pebbles horse mod, cheat mod, battle zone mod, colored arrows and some others cause Ashes to malfunction., yet worked in 1.61 outside of the dlc area. but some cause problems after 1.61 outside of the ashes like more random encounters.

As of this post I will be upgrading my system in 2 days from a AMD quad to an AMD 8 core x 16 thread 16 gig setup and will try new things such as yours afterwards.


hi what a great game


Thank you very much msmods.
Btw. would you be so kind to update the Templar Waffenrock mod?
Would it also be able to not change it to body armor? Doesn’t make a change since it has the stats of the nuremberg cuirass, but it just doesn’t feel right.
Btw. this leads me to an offtopic question - does anybody know how to get the nuremberg cuirass?


You’re welcome, and please take the time to thank the original authors for their work as well.

I had a few minutes tonight and was able to knock out the waffenrock mod you requested, however I completely removed the cuirass stats from it, it is now a normal waffenrock. I haven’t tested it, so please let me know if it works and I’ll post it in the OP.
Download: templar-apparel-v1.3.zip


You’re really the best! Thank you very much.

One more question: Do you know which head armor is replaced by this?

Btw. as far as I can tell, the Waffenrock and carparison definately works!


Not looking to always sell stolen goods. Sometimes some stuff gets listed as stolen when it should not ( console commanded ceremonial mace in example)and/or I may want to keep it.
What I am looking for is the cure for the thing in the stolen command that causes CTD. Not a work around, nor a an auto exec file solution. All the other commands do not cause a CTD.


anybody tried those mods with 1.7.1 yet?


Any of the mod files prefixed with “ms-” will not work with 1.7.1. They modify files that often get updated with each version of the game.

I’ll look into updating them shortly.


@ longshot300mag
Sorry i have never had anything listed as stolen or do i even know how to tell if something is stolen.Since i been doing it the way I showed.

the part I do not get.Your looking for a cure for the command everytime you enter it in the console.
If you do it once in the autocheat file ,you never have to do it again,well I can not help ya Sorry because I will not waste my time chasing something so rare in the game I have not even seen it,I would rather play the game with the way I am now.


to show stolen there will be a red mark in the upper left corner of the icon. lower right = bloody.
The Crash to CTD from using the command inside the cheat mod is not rare. All you hafta do is read the comment section of the mod.
It is in cheat mode every time you play the game, call up the cheat mode and use the own stolen items command like every other command used in the mod. Except use it and >>>CTD
Oh well. I guess it since I can’t convince you I will play around the flaw. I just wanted Cheat to be like it was before 1.6 w/o the Stolen command causing a CTD. Mebbe another Modder will tackle it when the mod support comes.



Fisrt Person Herb Picking
Download: ms-first-person-herb-picking-v1.7-2.zip

Lighter Herbs
Download: ms-lighter-herbs-v1.7.1-1.zip

No Arrow Trails
Download: ms-no-arrow-trails-v1.7-2.zip

No Inventory Sound
Download: ms-no-inventory-sound-v1.7-2.zip

Sorted Inventory
Download: ms-sorted-inventory-v1.7.1-1.zip