Renewal of the Pribyslavitz


Hi there! I have played more than 140hrs now and I can’t find where to get the quest for renewing Pribyslavitz :frowning: I’ve read somewhere that Diviš will give you this quest. But I have visited him several times already and still nothing :frowning: any hints? In the main story I’m around getting into the monastery. I have also failed the quest of Finding the priest Simon where there was only the willager and then no other quest or hint was given :frowning:


Silly question: Do you have DLC installed?? :roll_eyes:


Divish must have found out youre banging his wife.


Oh yeah I did that :smile: but there was Noone who could see us :wink: and Diviš never mentioned that he found out :slight_smile:


After killing Runt you can go to Divish and start the DLC.


I made her stars whirl and her planets twirl, and now nothing. It isn’t like Divish is taking care of her.