Repair bug

When I go to repair something (with any vendor) it says up at the top You pay : NaNM and wont let me click on anything to repair. Effectively I cant repair anything unless I repair it myself which is a pain. Any work around to this?

platform? mods?

Same problem on PS4… Latest Ver. 1.9.1g
It really fucks me up. I can’t even imagine what NaNM means…

Noone answers… Can’t believe that we’re the only two guys on that planet struggling with this issue

No mods I play on ps4

Right, cant find anything online to help fix. I have found a work around tho. If I put all my gear in one of my chests save then exit the game when i pull it all out i can repair it. Glitch come back after a while tho

Worked for me, thanks man!!!