Reputation drops


After killing dome farm animals to increase my bow skill ive noticed my reputation has went down even though nobody say me kill them, anyone else notice this?


I killed the executioner when i did the Miller in Rattay a favor. Now, I have to pay everyone money whenever i want to speak with them. Nobody saw me either when I killed him as he’s outside of town, but my reputation went to -99. I can’t even tell if that’s a bug or if the game is broken because this is simply put, this is an unfinished game!


Start doing good deeds and stop being a knob … that generally works (in the real world too)


Stop being a nob? I was looking something more constructive than that. Go away troll. You shouldnt have to do good deeds if noone saw you commit the crime… unless all the citizens of bohemia can speak to each other telepathically.


except the millers knew you went there… theresa saw you go and return… and then a man is dead? think about it.


you’re probably walking around with the murder weapon like an idiot. That or someone DID see you.


Nah mate I did it in the middle of the night when everyone was asleep (used a bow, 0 blood on weapon) and IF someone did see me they would have run for the guards and Id have the crime icon next to the compass at the top AND I’ve killed many wayfarers and continued my journey with the weapon stained in blood with 0 reputation loss (I’ve killed people just outside rattay bathhouse in broad daylight and noone found out it was me). Since when did old bohemians become csi experts being able to tell whos or what blood is on my weapon? For all they know I killed some bandits. Dont try to be clever, it doesn’t work for you.


try going to jail. NPCs, when yo make them mad, won’t talk to you. Getting busted and paying off the guard/using a speech option does not satisfy the NPCs hatred for you, they want you to serve time…or so it’s been explained to me. Try getting busted, going to jail and then see if the NPC will talk to you again. Other then that, I got nothing


This has nothing to do with getting busted. The fact is I’ve never been caught by any npc, everyone was asleep, nobody runs out their houses when i kill the farm animals and neither does the statement come up on the screen (people seeing you do bad behaviour will lower reputation, do favors or kills bandits bla bla bla). I shouldnt have to go to jail when nobody saw me in the pitch black using my bow to shoot pigs and sheep. Why can nobody seem to understand this?


@5IRON It’s medieval times: God is watching.

joking aside, the crime system needs tweaking


same s…t here! totally agree!


no witnesses! no crime! thats how it should work…


When you get -99 reputation, it’s broke. You won’t even get that much reputation after killing all mortal NPCs.


Who goes around shooting farm animals in the dark anyway?


To help level up the bow skill? If im running out at night and i see some animals im gunna shoot them for some extra xp since it takes ages to level. Those herds of sheep are easy targets lol


Thanks. As far as I can tell, reporting via e-mail does nothing.


@Oh_Henry Hard to say what ‘does something’ means. I’ve emailed about 30-40 issues and have received 2 human replies.

The invisible neck got addressed in 1.2.5. File save corruption and guards in undies are said to be addressed by 1.3. Will see if the patches ahead address any of the others