Reputation issue?

So, I recently picked up the “Local Hero” perk, and suddenly I noticed that in a LOT of areas I get the notification that “people will notice your bad behaviour”.

Currently Im in Talmberg, and my reputation is 74 (overall), 98 (villagers), 74 (soldiers), and 50 (quarrymen). Yet guards still want to beat me up and then just say “you’re not worth it” when I surrender.

What gives? I also noticed the same thing in the area around Rovna (my reputation is 0 there, though I’ve never even done anything in the area. I havent stolen, robbed, etc etc. I only killed some bandits in the area nearby).

I HAVE done my share of evil things, but I dont see how those were possibly related (other end of the map), and its odd how the reputation in Talmberg at least is still high regardless. And again, this all started when I took the “Local hero” perk. Before that I never had issues.

So, interesting thing just happened. I did a questline for the farmhand (the guy who goes nuts for his revenge), and I stole the items he wanted, but I backed out of the setting things on fire. Nobody saw me steal the items, at all. I saved the game, and I had no issues whatsoever.

Now today I start up my game and Im at… 46 rep (Sasau), 52 (refugees), 39 (villagers). How even? I also have the red icon next to the city that I committed a crime, despite that NOT being there when I saved. Honestly its starting to become a bit of an annoyance at this point.

Since you didn’t burn it down, he got mad, and told everyone how you stole everything… Maybe?

There are definitely times when the rep system makes no sense though. One example is Reeky. If you let him go, Ledetchko gets a rep boost. If say you will arrest or kill him, you lose rep. Although how do they know you killed him? He’s the only witness.

Amusingly, if you say you’ll let him go, give him false hope, and then kill him, you still get the rep boost, and the satisfaction of having killed him.

Your crime may have took some time to be reported.

Which quest is that btw? I can’t remember any quest involving setting anything on fire.

it was the green eyed monster quest. Which I found to be a bit ridiculous since you arent given an alternative to this quest (you cant report the guy, and just not doing it means the quest is permanently active in your quest log).

Either way, I noticed it still happens with other areas as well now. But I also realised that with fast travel, you can be apprehended for not carrying a torch. So Im wondering if during fast travel, my horse runs into people and lowering their rep?

Yep, this is very characteristic of KCD.
You commit a crime somewhere, lets say you kill and rob a wayfairer in the woods near prybislavits. No one sees you because no one else is there and the wayfairer doesnt even see you because you killed him from behind. Then a few hours later you end up wanted in rattay or ledetchko (it often seems to be ledetchko) even though YOU DIDNT COMMIT THE CRIME IN THIS AREA AND NO ONE SAW YOU ANYWAYS.

happens all the time.

that could have been it, since I did kill some Wayferers… but not near those areas I think.

Either way, it doesnt matter. Right now Im just “coping” with these weird events, considering I doubt this will get fixed anyway (given how frequent this bug is still happening with people). Ive noticed that sometimes reloading removes the wanted stuff though. So I guess if anyone has major issues with it, try saving and then reloading?

Another thing, sometimes if you save before committing a crime, commit the crime, get caught, reload early save you will still be wanted when you load back in even thought this was BEFORE you committed the crime.

This happens with other things too. If you save, crouch and reload, you will load the game crouched. It seems like certain effects “bleed” into other saves (don’t know how else to describe it).

yeah its really weird.