Reputation problem in Sassau


My reputation with Sazava villagers went from high numbers (I love to play the good lad only) to -100 for no obvious reason, after finishing one of the quests (It’s the one in the North with Ulrich).

Why? Just why? Can it be fixed somehow??

Months after release, I still wasn’t even able to finish the main quest line… :confused:


I too went to -100 and not sure why.
I used a mod to raise it up (didn’t seem to raise any higher than 50 do I removed itr)bribed as many of the merchants as I as I could find.
I stopped bandits, stopped the thief in town ( repeatedly).

With skalitz survivors I’m 100, town I am stuck at 50. Merchants are stuck at 67 no matter how sweet a deal I give them.
The only event that could possible influence it would be I killed a woman who accused me of a road side murder( carcass on the road) and ran off to report me. This to was at least 2Km from town and no one around.


Killing anyone other than bandits or Cumans seem to affect reputation. Poaching and theft also factor into reputation.