Reputation question

How do you improve your reputation with Talmberg Quarry, Rattay Countryside, and Skalitz (after the prolouge)?

That’s good question. I still want to reach my reputation achievement.

Not sure about Talmberg Quarry and Rattay countryside, but you can’t raise your rep with Skalitz after the opening battle, because there is noone there except bandits. If you want a high rep there then you must attain it before the Cuman invasion starts. As for the other 2, it probably helps to not steal/kill/assault anyone, accept lower prices for your goods and pay more for theirs, stay clean with attire that isn’t too worn. I’m not a model citizen on any of this, just guessing.

Broken Wheel Inn Merchants give reputation with Rattay Countryside.
“Money for Old Rope” Quest gives reputation with Rattay Countryside.

Most quests involving Matthew and Fritz will gives you reputation with Skalitz.

Not sure if there is a way to improve reputation with Talmberg Quarry.

Talberg Quarrmen Reputation stays at 50. I have not found out how to improve it. As far as rattay Countryside you can do that by trading with the Bath House, The Tanner by the mill and the Wheel House inn. Also you can get countryside rep up by encounters with npcs on the road, the riddler, The pilgrim who asks for bandages for his feet or shoes, etc.