Hi there everyone,

I got a question maybe a stupid one but i don’t care haha

I got -65 reputation with the rattiz city people, how can i get a possitive reputation again?

Thanks for your help

Greetingz Daswa

Welcome! I will try to help with your question. One way to increase your reputation, is to help the people of Rattay. Just ask around and some will have jobs for you to complete. Another way is to buy items from the merchants and give them something extra when haggling. Picking herbs/flowers and selling them is a good way to start.
Definitely don’t get caught stealing or generally causing trouble in the town as that lowers your rep.

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-65 … time should bring it back to +50, but i don’t think you want to wait so long ^^ Go to jail. be sure you don’t have any timed quests running
One year ago i had a bug, where my reputation fell far below 50 in Ushice, although i have not been in Ushice yet … One year later and with a new playthrough this bug did not happen (yet) again
-65 … do the citizen of Rattay run away from you, when u approach?

Well, i tried to be imprisoned but the rattay people don’t like me well i went from -65 to -25 so maybe another 10 days i the jail haha

Thanks for your advise i Will work hard to get a positive rep ^^

( - Go to Skalica, there will be a fight, after the battle, collect all the expensive property and sell it as cheaply as possible (bargain).
( - Go to Skalica, there will be fight, after fight collect all expensive property and sell it as cheaply as possible (to trade).
(rus) - Иди в Скалицу, там будет бой, после боя собери всё дорогое имущество и продай его как можно дешевле (торговаться) .

You can also go into the church in Rattay (the big one down by the rathaus) and pay groshen for indulgences. After a day, it improves your reputation.

I realy have to try this.

Thanks for the information

Read description first. Backup your game and saves. Apply this mod if you like it.
Btw, i do not know if it work wit 1.9.2 version, but no one report a bug.


  • NPCs are a bit slower to discover/recognize you (stealth/crime)
  • Positive changes to your reputation are higher
  • Negative changes to your reputation are lower