Requesting refunds


So i bought the game off the website. First when i bought the game the frames were pretty okay ( 30-50 fps ) but now the frames is not even the average im getting ( 25-30 ) and stuttering which is unplayable for me.


hold onto it, it will get MUCH better with official release later this year :slight_smile:


Don’t think my rig could handle it anymore hah. Welp that goes by my shitty i3 and gtx 960 and 8g value ram.


Requesting refunds

Anyway; let @DrFusselpulli do his job…


I think that i3 and GTX 960 will run finished game. Maybe on medium/low settings but it will definitely run better than 30 FPS. I am getting 30 FPS as well on GTX 1060 6GB (which is almost twice as powerful compared to the GTX 960), i5 6600k@4.5 GHz, 16 GB DDR4. It’s just BETA version which is not updated anymore because they finishing the game.


Bruh, I have I5 and GTX660, and I still think I will run it just fine… sure, probably not 60fps high fine, but still fine :slight_smile:


Can i just get to my main point, is it possible for me to get a refund?


Been like 3 weeks and 3 days since i requested refund, i wonder why is it taking so long.


To be honest, despite asking everywhere, there’s no confirmation (from Warhorse that I can find) that KCD will be optimized to run on modern typical gaming PC at 60 fps. And by typical I mean i-5/i-7 with around 8GB ram and GTX 9xx or 1xxx card on 1920x1080. Anything under that would be a deal-breaker for me for sure.

Sure, Cryengine might be demanding, but all this wait is for nothing if final product is anywhere like the beautiful, yet horribly, horribly slow slideshow that beta was.

I guess lack of clarity on this, very, very important question is coming back to bite devs in the arse in the form of threads like this.


You should already be refunded about two weeks ago, we are already in email contact with you about it.


13 days ago you guys replied to my email that i was refunded, so i checked and didn’t get any, probably 10 days bank working time but then till now i check there’s none. I can even screenshot my bank statement and debit history.


why would anyone communicate a refund request via a forum?! If the point is to complain then I would start by providing some hard facts backing up my smearing and extortion campaign. On the other hand if the whole point is trolling then this is exactly the way to do it so I guess good job?


Which part do you think im trolling? I contacted them via email but they did not respond after the last message which was 13 days ago on email. I never get the refund and I even got proof to back it up.


I’m sure it is not intentional that you have not gotten your refund yet. Especially since it appears they already attempted to refund it.

If you haven’t already shoot @DrFusselpulli a PM and he we get you sorted out.


It should be sorted out like 2 weeks ago, i even got email from Jiri Rydl that i was refunded, but when i check it again, there’s none.


Hmm… we will take a deeper look into this, you should be refunded already. Can you please provide me with more information on You were talking about screenshots here. This might be helpful.


Can i get a refund


I have send you an email


Even if I never intended on playing this game, I would let them keep my money to support this game studio. We need more Warhorse and less EA. Not that EA hasn’t released some good titles, but, in general, they are akin to the devil.


Okay, I am already in Email contact with you.