Requests for Next Game in the Series

The biggest criticism aside from game play issues for me is the unfinished stories in this game. I love this
game, and it’s my all time favourite. However there are some major issues. The whole story is about vengence,
we even have a main mission for it (which we can’t activate) and never get to do anything with. We never get
to finally get the sword. It’s there through the entire game, it’s the whole purpose of it, and yet we don’t
get it. Yes sure it’s for next time, but that’s not good enough. You’re supposed to tie up lose ends.

Then tehre’s Teresa. You build this beautiful relationship with her, and it was really beautifully done,
and so warm, but after a roll in the hay, she won’t talk to you anymore, and she’s just another NPC. The
same thing happens with Lord Capon. You build this very warm friendship which again was just beautifully
done, and again after the bathhouse, he won’t talk to you anymore either. It’s like it’s just been left dangling.

You have to tie these main character threads off before the end of the game. I was sure with The Ashes DLC that
Teresa would be married off to Henry now he’s going to settle down, but nope.

The other one is the Locator, sure a minor part, but he should’ve buggered off after the job was done, now hog my office lol.

Seriously, next time please, make it as good, and tie off the stories. These two characters missions should be live through the whole game, as they are so crucial to the warmth of the character of Henry. Not just dumped off as NPC’s at the end.



I agree with what you say but at the same time it is very difficult to make all those ideas come to life in one game. The Theresa thing should definitely be implemented and Henry should be able to marry her or even some other woman for that matter if other choices was made by the player. Lord Capon and Henry should be able to have “repeat activities” like hunting or chase women at indecent establishments etc. Even if only two repeat activities where available per important npc, the game would be so much more immersive and living. Still I see why WH may not have gone down that road because it would be difficult to implement in a way that most players would feel satisfied with the outcome.

The marriage part as I said, I agree 100% on and I actually even expected it to be available on some level with the FtA DLC since it was about building a new home.

You obviously didn’t get it. It’s a story about growing up and finding one’s true self
I like that Henry has to reconsider his priorities a bit in the end. The story seems whole to me as a ‘chapter’ of some bigger story (let’s hope it will come) and has a decent and fair cliffhanger

And there’s nothing more retarded than complaining about what “should” or “shouldn’t” be in some story. It’s written as it is. You can as well try to say that Saruman and Gandalf should make gay marriage and stop Sauron together. Who cares


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Agree. Next KCD should be the last part and so about finishing the main objective, however they said the goal is to save his drunken majesty not to do vengeance and retrieve sword, that is Henry’s personal. And last thing, I think they didn’t plan this game to be much of sandbox, even Vavra said he doesn’t understand people who spent over 100 hours into their game because I say it was clearly not the main focus of developers, but to make story driven game with set end. Sadly cliffhanger.
I don’t think it’s real problem that main characters don’t play the sandbox with you. It should be more focus in sequel.

Robber baron is and the epilogue are the last events for them, and short at that, just a set up for the quests.

i wish that charlatan was in Ledetchko