Response time in dialogues


I saw that in one of your videos, great haste makes great waste, you got a limited time to give your response. It happened when Henry was talking to the guard at the hungarian camp. For the slow readers (dyslexics) among us it would be great if you had the option of lengthening the time you have to respond. The timer is an good idea, but if you don’t get to read through the response and just have to pick an answer that would defeat the purpose of immersion.

I look forward to this game, I think it seems fantastic in so many ways! And I hope it will be even better when it is finished!


There is also an icon for different speeches, like talkative, intimidate, impress and bribe. So you would basically want to choose one, you have the best stats at, even though you may trigger fight you do not want, or the NPC will still have better stats than you compared to the particular chosen. But the time limit is mostly because you were caught and is logical. I experienced time limit frustrating when I played Walking Dead Telltale and did not really think through the results of my decision properly.


Maybe we will be able to disable that in game Options, if not, we will just have to adapt at thinking on the fly over having time to think things through. Looks like at times, we might get ourselves into more mischief than we planned? :blush:



Thanks for the tip, it’s definitively easier when you get a clue to the reaction. Let’s hope they put in a option in the settings. If not I might have to reconsider the dresscode for a more steely reception. Or I’ll become Sir save-alot…¨.


if you’re too slow, they should respond with “bloody peasant”


For those who has dyslexia (like me) please put there option to give us a little bit more time to read options in dialogue.
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