Restless spirit BUGGED

Well, I’m currently at the epilogue and wanted to do the Restless Spirit quest where I have to get a book from the monastary… Seems like this one is BUGGED… The book was not there and when I talk to to the apothecary in Rattay I don’t have an option to talk about the book… And the quest marker doesn’t change as well… Well done, Warhorse.

quest marker didn’t change for me too, but i was still able to steal the book and finish the quest.

Are you looking it in the right place?

Yep, it’s in a cabinet with a hard lock in the library of the Monastary. It should be on the left of the 3rd or 4th shelf but it ain’t there…

Yes, it should be there… maybe a bug and the book is floating?
I am looking after one of the queen of sheba piece in Talmberg, it should be on the top of a barell, but there wasn’t… The piece just floating in the air.

Knock out or kill brother siskis. Loot him the book will be in there. you’re welcome

the book is on the top shelf.

I am having the sam problem. I’ve watched videos and the book is on the shelf right where it’s supposed to be but it isn’t giving me the option to pick it up.