Restricted Console Variables and Random encounter chance for any launcher and versions 1.9.x +

This works on any launcher of the game (Epic Games, Steam, GoG, etc.) There was an old guide to this from 1 year ago, but the HEX reference there was outdated and couldn’t be found. A user on Nexus Mods shared a findable HEX code since at least version 1.9.1.


  1. find WHGame.dll in your game directory’s bin folder (for Epic Games: KingdomComeDeliverance\bin\Win64MasterMasterEpicPGO) - don’t forget to make a backup of the dll file. (works on any platform, as long as you find the file.
  2. Find a hex editor - can be a program to download or use an online option. I used Upload the file and search for 80 BE DE 01 00 00 00 75 22
  3. Edit it to 80 BE DE 01 00 00 00 EB 22 (so just change 75 to EB) and export. (I recommend to export to desktop and make sure you have a backup of the DLL before replacing.) Replace the base game .dll file with the downloaded edited file.
  4. In-game, open console and type wh_pl_randomEventBaseChanceRunOffset

it should show “wh_pl_randomEventBaseChanceRunOffset = 0” by default. Change the 0 to whatever value you prefer. 1 is a (or close to) 100% at designated locations. I can confirm my test gave me a 100% with the only suspected exclusion is a random encounter location I had just recently passed and did one encounter already (so I might have had timeout). The old guide here on reddit suggested a value between 0.3 and 0.4.

Note: You may have to type this in at every game startup. Timeout is another variable you can tweak this way, but I don’t know the precise command. Game saves don’t seem to change the value (at least not in the console)

All credit goes to Merendel on Nexus(for the correct HEX string) and u/RedditorKain (for the original full guide on this specific variable and effect). Thank you people for your great contribution. I don’t know if links are allowed here, so I’ll restrict myself only to the hex editor one, as I suspect some might not work (most probably just me not using them correctly).