[RLS] NPCs No Complaints 1.1 + No Greetings v1 (Update 1.6.X)


Nexus link will direct to comments/posts section where the update was posted by me
It contains the same mediafire download as below!

Here is a new update (1.6.2 patch)
(around 5 min of work and 1 hour for test)
Now it includes a removal for the Greetings from NPC’s
-atm not working for wayfarers and random encounters

old version: http://www.mediafire.com/file/e4euojyb6yc470e/No+complaints-1-1_update1-6-X.zip

The mod.manifest with previous added info!

author = Original: BlacRyu, Update: rataj
version = 1.2
created_on = September 7, 2018
kcd_version = 1.*



Neat. Does the mod just turn off complaints or adjust the bump (collision) mechanics?


turns off complaints if you ran into npc


+Type_definition with No Greetings for NPC’s if they see Henry
-Old version without No Greetings ist still available


-Nexus link will now direct to main mod description section
-I’ve got the permission from BlacRyu to upload them official in right section

The files are now updated for 1.8.X version
(around 5 min of work and 1 hour for test)
Two variants are downloadable. One without greetings and one with!
-atm still not working for wayfarers and some random encounters