Robber Baron - Bernard never leaves Rattay

I have searched, so if this has been discussed already I’m sorry.
I spoke with Hans, got yelled at by Hanush, went to Bernard and was told to mount up. Problem is, he’s not in the place the other guards with their horses are. He’s out by the training ring. After I speak with him (Hans has wandered off to town by this point), he never moves until it’s time for him to head to bed again. Eventually I get the notice to meet up at the camp. I head to the camp but no one is there. Bernard is still at the training ring (his map pointer is still there too). I’ve waited a full day at the camp and nobody comes.
I’ve reloaded several times, going back as far as two days before I originally spoke with hans. I’ve tried going straight to that quest, I’ve tried doing a couple of other side quests first, I’ve even tried advancing the main quest another step. Nothing seems to make Bernard leave Rattay. Does anyone have any advice?
I’m on PC, have no DLC, and as far as I know only have the “save anywhere” mod.