"Robber Baron" quest removes all random encounters

I recently noticed, that for some reason all random enemy encounters were gone. So i started loading old saves and did quests, and now found out that during the quest “robber baron”, if you talk to bernard in the camp, all encounters will stopp appearing from this point on. It doesnt matter if i killed the bandits before talking to him - just mentioning to him that the robber baron is dead or asking him how to continue will cause this problem. I also tried several mods and cheats, but most of them dont seem to be working on the current version of the game. It really is a shame, since i accepted this quest over a week ago and, and now i can not simply “reject” it anymore without loosing my progress in most of the DLC quests. Is there anything else i can try to fix this?

Maybe u are known to all bandits now? U should still find an encouter at Skallitz anytime :wink:

That was part of my testing, after talking to bernard, the bandits in Skalitz were gone too.