Robber Barron quest is not appearing


I finished Next to Godliness and I went to talk to Hans C. and after that it would not let me talk to him , also I have already done the pribitslavits battle on the main story so I im far enough in the story line for it to pop up and it still hasn’t please help


If i remember correctly, Rober Baron, like some of the main quests, automatically kicks in after the side quest, clothes make the man.
To trigger that side quest tho, you have to speak to Capon.
Why you can’t get anything out of him is a puzzle.
Did you do the side quest, next to godliness?


Actually, after finishing next to godliness, you are prompted to go speak to captain Bernard, not Hans Capon.


Actually no your not so post to go to captain bernard I have done it cloth makes a man and robber Barron on previous saves and patches but this one after I finish Godliness Hans Capon doesn’t interact with me ever again so I cannot do CMM and Rb quest


Sorry, then I can’t remember the sequence.
I’m guessing then that it probably pops up after one of the main quests.
I know that’s not much help.
Problem with this game is not necessarily the bugs but rather the vagueness of it all


I spoke to one of the innkeepers in Rattay,
Asked if anything is going on, he said how it’s funny that the Bishop sent his Vicar, wonders what he could be up to.
So, obviously, in order for Robber barons quest to trigger, you first have to speak to sir Hanush to complete Waldasiens.
Next time just ask the innkeepers!