RTX 3080/3090 lower fps?

I just upgraded to RTX 3090 and with same setting the fps dropped by 3% compared to 2080ti.
I know that is not much, but I hoped for fps increase.

The settings are 1440p, HD textures ON, mix of very high/ultra settings, draw distances to the max. I can specify more if needed.
Average GPU usage is about 60-70% for the whole walk, the GPU boosts normally to 1900-1920 MHz, temps about 65°C.
Average CPU usage is about 50-60% with one peak to 70%, temps around 70°C.
GPU driver is latest (456.71), KCD is Steam version.

Full system specs: CPU i7 8700k@5GHz, RAM 2x16 GB@3200 MHz, MSI RTX 2080Ti Trio Gaming X (old) -> ASUS TUF RTX 3090 OC (new), ADATA XPG SX8200 PRO 1TB system, ADATA XPG SX8200 PRO 2TB game library, 860W PSU.

Measured with MSI Afterburner by walking the whole main street in Sassau from wheelbarrow towards the church and then reading fps average.
FPS in other games just raised as expected, so there should be no error on my side. Previous drivers were uninstalled with DDU.

Are there any plans for optimizations for those new GPUs?
Or any ideas whether CPU upgrade could help?

That GPU usage of 60-70% means you’re experiencing a bottleneck which is kind of crazy since your i7-8700K is at 5GHz. If your monitor allows try at 4K both with the 2080ti and the 3090 to see if it helps and if there’s a noticeable difference between the GPUs.

Damn, I’m waiting for a 3080 an I have the same CPU, I hope I won’t experience the same problem.

Right now it’s not the time to get a new CPU. The new AMD CPUs will be here in 1 month, if you can get a deal, I mean a real deal (-30% MSRP) for a 10900K then why not but with the need for a new MB it will be a costly upgrade anyway.

Better wait another month to see what AMD has to offer or stick to your i7-8700K for another 6 months and wait for the next Intel CPUs to arrive. Personnaly I’ll wait for Intel to also have a PCI 4.0 offer, this will also give AMD some time to mature the new Ryzens, the Ryzen 3000 series CPUs that sell right now are much better than the 3000 series CPUs released on day one (mature process). Not to mention that the first CPUs will be “out of stock” one second after launch.

I already sold the 2080Ti, so can not compare anymore.

I prefer 1440p 165Hz with high (100+) fps, that is also why I dont play at ultra settings, but mixed very high/ultra, maybe the game is CPU heavy with those cards, with higher fps.

Lets see how it will go with the new CPU, will probably grab the new Ryzens as I would have to change motherboard anyway for 10900k and Ryzen seems to be even slightly stronger now.

With a RTX 2080 and i7-9700K on High settings only, my FPS still tanks in Rattay. It’s very annoying. It’s not even Very Hihg or Ultra, just High. How can a game perform so poorly on top of the line hardware that was released after the game came out? Game must be poorly optimized. (latest version and drivers)

Hello, I also updated to ASUS 3080. Before that it was 1080. I played on the old one on medium from 1440 with 30-35 fps. After moving to 3080, it didn’t get any better. I don’t understand what’s the matter. Processor ryzen 5 3600. Wrote in support of the game, I’m waiting for an answer

Just yesterday tried it out. System is i9 9900K on 4.9 GHz, Palit RTX 3080 OC, 32 Gb RAM, SSD, ultrawide 34" screen. Well, my system sucked. On very high settings I had just 60-70 fps outside the city, but in Rattae I have only 30-40 fps with lags. Ultra settings are almost impossible to use, outside the city is about 40-60 fps. Additionally, my RTX 3080 almost all the time super hot, ~80C, lowered to ~70C when I opened the side cover of my PC case. I don’t know why, but it’s just terrible and almost impossible to enjoy the game.

what resolution do you play at?

I play at 3440 x 1440

I solved my problem) Since the card is large, it did not fit into the top pcl-e slot. I put it in the lower one, there is a psl-e 2.0 connector and there was not enough bandwidth. Because of this, the card did not work at full capacity. True, this was only very noticeable in Ckd. I rearranged the card and everything became ok.

Assuming not a physical problem like not being in the right slot, or not being seated correctly, it’s a different architecture. The SM units are different, doubled, but do not give double the performance in all situations.

For things like async compute, these new double SMs will out perform older architectures significantly. That does not translate to double the performance in other calculations. There’s also a lot more tensor cores, which will improve DLSS and RT, neither of which are in KCD.

This is not a case of spend more money and get more frames. One of the limiting factors in KCD is the CPU, not GPU. There’s a lot of background NPC AI happening, and that’s the cause of the frame dips in Rattay, not the lack of graphics processing power.

Now, could KCD run better than it does on newer hardware? Sure. Keep in mind this game hasn’t been updated in nearly a year. A better question is, how can you expect a game to be optimized for hardware that comes out after it is written?